List Build Rules

Players will select their force using theater selectors from the appropriate “Armies of… ” book or the “Germany Strikes!” campaign book for the September 1939 to the beginning of Barbarossa in 1941 period. This will include Poland, Norway, Denmark, France, the Low Countries, and the initial push into the Soviet Union (ending just before Stalingrad). Official announcements of theater selectors will be forthcoming, but in the meantime you can look at available Theater Selectors for the period of 1939 to 1941 just before Stalingrad. This event is focused on the events in Europe for this period only.

Platoons will be 1,250 points in a single platoon (no Armored Platoons are allowed). If you feel your force cannot be suitably represented by one of the theater selectors, please contact us to work something out. We are not placing an order dice cap on army lists, and ask that players remember we’re going for theme, not brutally competitive. We reserve the right to reject army lists that are deemed “too competitive” for the event. Final army lists must be submitted for approval by January 13th.