Since this is a themed event, players will score bonus points for an appropriately painted and themed force in addition to the points scored for objectives in each match. Some bonus scores available are:

  • Theme: Army is equipped and painted with period-appropriate gear and kit. Reference to a historical unit will also score theme points. Up to 10 points will be awarded.


  • Modelmaster: Player has done some degree of kitbashing, conversion work, and so on. Painting skill will also add to this score. Note that units must be painted to a minimum of three colors and have some basing work done. Efforts beyond this level will count towards the modeling score. Up to 10 points will be awarded for modeling.


Players will score points in each game. These points will go towards the player’s overall event score.

  • Players will score 10 points for a win in each mission, 5 points for a draw, and 3 points for a loss.
  • Players can also gain bonus objective points in each game, up to 5 points per game.