World At War is a themed, Chicago-area event for Bolt Action based on a specific era or theater of operations. Players register as Axis or Allied and use the published theater selectors to create a historical force within the guidelines of the specified theme. Our intent is to create a friendly gaming environment where players can use armies that are more evenly matched, historically accurate, and specifically themed to encourage their modelling and painting.

blitztanks 2

For our second year, we will be focusing on the Blitzkrieg era, when Germany shocked the world with lightning attacks that took some of the most formidable armies of the day by storm. Players will lead the stoic Finns as they defend their homeland against the Soviet Steamroller, or the brave Poles fighting overwhelming numbers as the grey tide breaks over their western frontier. The Norwegians, supported by the French Foreign Legion will give the Germans a good fight in the frozen north. The BEF, Belgians, and French will fight rolling battles against the Panzer divisions that move with unbelievable speed. The Soviets will suddenly find themselves on the defensive as the grey tide, supported by Italians and other Axis powers, sweeps across Mother Russia.

Muster your forces! Call up the reserves! It is a World at War!